EV Buying Advice

Prepared as handout for Lititz Borough residents following passage of an ordinance affecting placement of EV Charging Stations, March 2023

Things to Consider Before You Purchase an EV or Plug-In Hybrid

This is not intended to advocate for or against such a purchase, simply to bring to your attention some things you may not have considered. 


You should research the requirements, i.e. charging times with various charging methods, of the vehicle(s) you may be considering, and then consult with a qualified electrician to assess the feasibility of using your exiting residential electrical infrastructure or the cost to make the necessary upgrades.

You should also consult any local ordinances governing permitting and regulating of EV charging in particular, and electrical contracting in general.


There are multiple reasons for wanting to buy an EV. Perhaps it’s the thought of social responsibility or of having the “latest” thing. Or maybe it’s the idea of saving money during this period of high gasoline prices.

If the latter, you should weigh the costs of the purchase of an EV, along with the additional costs of ownership, like charger installation, insurance and actual electricity use, against the cost of buying, fueling and maintaining a non-EV. 

These calculations should be done using the actual yearly mileage you plan for use of the vehicle. The results may be different for someone regularly doing a lot of commuting miles and someone making mainly short trips and running errands around town. 


EVs are moving out of their pioneering days. The cost of the vehicles themselves should decrease and access to charging will increase. There may likely also be alternatives to battery power, such as hydrogen fuel cells. Given climate concerns, the switch from driving petro-based vehicles is probably inevitable. When and how you make that switch is going to be up to you. 


There is more advice on this topic to be had on the internet. Here is an additional article that may help. And, speaking with friends, relatives or neighbors who have already gone through the experience can give you valuable insight. It’s always better to look before you leap.

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