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War! What is it good for?

God, I hate to be prescient…again…but a good ol’ war would certainly be a boost for Joe Biden’s poll numbers, and perhaps would provide the needle the must eventually be stuck in the festering boil that is our contemporary politics. Enter one Vladimir Putin. It looks like Val is about to attempt to take aContinue reading “War! What is it good for?”

Bad for Business

As usual, I write one of these things and a week later somebody notable, like Tom Friedman, comes out with essentially the same theme. Great minds think alike. Not sure what’s happening in my case. But, here’s my original take: It was in the interests of the wealthy to look past Hitler’s sins. Germany wasContinue reading “Bad for Business”


While I’ve long fancied myself as a master of home repair, the older I get the more I discover that I’m really not so smart as I thought. Take home electrics. A recent trip to Harbor Freight yielded a $3.50 circuit tester, which, when deployed in the outlets around the house, caused me some realContinue reading “Shocking”

AirHawk Product Review

Published in Keystone Motorcycle Press, November 2021 Tush, Rear End. Derrière. Bottom. Behind. Arse. Jacksy. Backside. Butt. Like the Eskimos’ extensive list of words for what we simply call snow, motorcyclists probably have dozens of words for that part of their anatomy which makes the most contact with their machines. And well they should, asContinue reading “AirHawk Product Review”


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