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Dial “D” for Disaster

If you’re old, read on. If you’re not, ignore this. You have enough other problems in your future as it is. You might describe my current mental condition as fraught. Or overwrought. Or angry as hell.  It’s not just Putin and his barbarism and nuclear threats. It’s not just the impending doom of climate change,Continue reading “Dial “D” for Disaster”

The “O” Word

It wasn’t that long ago, in a conversation with our millennial familials, that I used the term “Oriental” in describing someone. Oi! One would think I’d uttered the actual name of God and that the Earth was about to be rent asunder. Apparently, unbeknownst to my wife and I, the term had entered the realmContinue reading “The “O” Word”

Giving Up?

Generally my musings in this space run to a pretty uniform length. But this time I’d like you to consider just three images from the recent news. First, the whining and literal weeping of Gen Z’ers over their inability to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to purchase Taylor Swift concert tickets. Next, the news footageContinue reading “Giving Up?”

Quiet, Please!

Maybe it’s a function of old age. Or it could be the tinnitus I trace to that earplug-less airboat ride in Florida many years back. But I am increasingly annoyed by the noise that permeates our culture. I’ve previously written how I love our nearby Target because they have no blaring music to accompany myContinue reading “Quiet, Please!”


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