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AirHawk Product Review

Published in Keystone Motorcycle Press, November 2021 Tush, Rear End. Derrière. Bottom. Behind. Arse. Jacksy. Backside. Butt. Like the Eskimos’ extensive list of words for what we simply call snow, motorcyclists probably have dozens of words for that part of their anatomy which makes the most contact with their machines. And well they should, asContinue reading “AirHawk Product Review”

The Riders

by Henry von Wartenberg, review by Dave Bucher, published September 2021 in Keystone Motorcycle Press. When I first received this book, I opened it and went through it page-by-page, ignoring both the introduction and the five short accompanying essays – even the few included photo captions.  It’s essentially a coffee table, moto-photo book and myContinue reading “The Riders”


Published in Lititz Record-Express, 9/23/21 A short time ago somebody wrote to this paper concerning my column on Vaccine Passports. He accused me of constantly “fear mongering” in this space. Instead of immediately rejecting that notion, I did what everyone with strong opinions should do when those opinions are criticized. I considered the possibility thatContinue reading “Afraid?”

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