AirHawk Product Review

Published in Keystone Motorcycle Press, November 2021 Tush, Rear End. Derrière. Bottom. Behind. Arse. Jacksy. Backside. Butt. Like the Eskimos’ extensive list of words for what we simply call snow, motorcyclists probably have dozens of words for that part of their anatomy which makes the most contact with their machines. And well they should, asContinue reading “AirHawk Product Review”

Two Holes and a Tube

Published January 2015. From a two-year series of monthly short features titled “Remembrances” in Keystone Motorcycle Press. A rented Honda Shadow. November 1996 tour around Florida.  I’m cruising the Tamiami Trail, east to west. Left the Northeast cold behind and I am really enjoying the balmy ‘70s. Not much traffic this weekday, and with openContinue reading “Two Holes and a Tube”