Giving Up?

Generally my musings in this space run to a pretty uniform length. But this time I’d like you to consider just three images from the recent news.

First, the whining and literal weeping of Gen Z’ers over their inability to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to purchase Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Next, the news footage from Ukraine where, at this writing, nearly half of the power infrastructure has been destroyed, the onion domes of Kyiv have gotten their first taste of snow, and Banksy’s art amid the ruins is a dim point of light going into a dark, cold winter.

And then, and it’s always them, isn’t it, there are those foreign policy wizards among the worst of the MAGA crew, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, Jr., who, with other GOP bottom dwellers, are arguing against further aid to that beleaguered country.

Please roll these images about in your mind and see where it takes you. As for me, I have some confidence, based on the mid-term outcome, that most Americans won’t stand for us diminishing our support for those valiant people. Certainly, if we give up on Ukraine, I’m going to give up on America.

©2022, David B Bucher

One thought on “Giving Up?

  1. GOP ran on fixing immigration, crime, inflation, etc. Their solution: impeaching Biden and judiciary hearings on Hunter Biden’s laptop. I can’t wait😬


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