Deflection Points

There are times, happenings, even moments, in our lives that truly change their courses. When this thought recently occurred to me, I looked back on my 76 years and thought about the most significant in my own. Likely the first was when my father died. Funny, that Sunday he’d called and asked if we wereContinue reading “Deflection Points”

Crossing the Line?

Having just gotten back from a trip to coastal Georgia and having my TV watching there bombarded by Ron DeSantis political ads from just over the border, I returned loaded for bear. People in the know told me what a mean, vindictive person DeSantis is, so I’m thinking that we might be better off toContinue reading “Crossing the Line?”

Three Burning Questions

Originally published in the Lititz Record-Express, June 11, 2015 (but still unanswered) We have become a culture saturated with information. But, despite the flood of round-the-clock news, the overload of marketing missives and the continuous intrusion of smart phone patter, there are three questions to which I can never seem to get answers. Perhaps someContinue reading “Three Burning Questions”

Last Kiss

Published in the August 2022 issue of Keystone Motorcycle Press There was a time in our 50+ years of marriage when our relationship was a bit rockier than it’s now become. Most of it was on me. I’d always deluded myself into thinking that I had an “artistic temperament” and that gave me certain leewayContinue reading “Last Kiss”

Dirty Words

Let’s start with two dictionary definitions: Patriot: one who loves and supports his or her country Christian: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ You can probably see where I’m going to go with this. The mob of mindless deplorables who stormed the Capitol on January 6 was certainly not there inContinue reading “Dirty Words”

Measure This!

When I went to work on the old 1994 Chevy pick-up that I bought to use as a commuter “rat car,” I was amazed to find that it employed metric fasteners exclusively. This was the first domestic vehicle I’d ever owned, so I’d thought that only foreign cars used this simpler system. Now my questionContinue reading “Measure This!”

Good Vibrations

It’s great to shop at our local Target, because they don’t play music. Instead of being assaulted by the tinny sounds of the shrieking of current pop divas or the bleating of Christian rock, there is just silence. It’s like a vision of heaven: Quiet, peaceful and full of good stuff. Now that I’ve openedContinue reading “Good Vibrations”

A Glimmer of Hope

The art of the political cartoon has, like everything else in our culture, been diluted by over exposure. There are so many outlets for their product that cartoonists have been driven to specificity, focusing their visual sarcasm on the minutia rather than the broader issues. I was heartened to see the exception to that inContinue reading “A Glimmer of Hope”


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